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Drupal 7: Startup Online - Business Community Site

Startup Online was developed for my final years University project. The purpose of the project was to produce an extensive piece of individual work on a specific topic demonstrably related to my award. The site serves as a platform for future growth and experimentation with the addition of further content.

Development Requirements:

User: From a users perspective Startup Online is an online business advice and community website, with information ranging from the initial idea though to site implementation, marketing and on-going strategy. Users can network using forums and comments.

Business: From a business perspective Startup Online is an affiliate marketing business, generating revenue by commissions on referrals. Digital marketing strategies and social media are utilised to gain traffic.

Final Project: In building Startup Online I taught myself skills in Drupal, including the basics of using Acquia, Drush, Sass, Ruby Gem Installs, sever configuration and more. The site has been customised from the base theme OMEGA 4 and also utilises various advanced modules including Panels, Views, Domain Access and Sub Directory.

Other skills:

  1. Project Planning and Control: Planning the project and structuring the report.
  2. Website Design and Development: Various stages including planning and design strategies.
  3. Web Technologies: Technical skills and confidence with coding.
  4. Usability Evaluation: Planning, prototyping and user testing.
  5. Digital Marketing: Understanding and implementing digital marketing strategies.