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WordPress: New Media Conspiracies - Blog

This was a University assignment completed in my first year. The brief was to carry out the investigation, production, documentation and reflective evaluation of a blog. The blog topic was to be related to the module's subject matter, some aspect of ‘new’, digital media.

Development Requirements:

  1. For the site to demonstrate my understanding of the historical context of new media; its continuity with, and divergence from previous media technologies.
  2. To apply conceptual frameworks to reflect critically on new media.
  3. Appreciate the scope of applications of new media and the relationship with culture and society.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the social, economic and professional issues associated with the creative industries.
  5. Reflect on my own engagement with new media and my future role as a practitioner.
  6. Understand the legal and ethical issues relevant to the use and development of new media.

This project also demonstrates WordPress familiarity, writing, and researching and publishing skills.