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Learning journal screenshot

HTML & CSS: Learning Journal

This was a University assignment completed in my first year. The brief was to create a small website consisting of a learning journal page and an ‘about me’ page, which used a CSS style switcher to implement two different presentation styles for the exact same content.

Development Requirements:

Part 1 (30%)

To create a simple learning journal web page. The aim of the journal was to keep a record of what we were learning in the ‘introduction to web development’ module, including listing and linking to useful resources, references, inspirational sites and keeping up-to-date with industry news.

Part 2 (70%)

An ‘about me’ page to demonstrate CSS achevments by creating a HTML document with two CSS style sheets attached, which present the same markup and content in contrasting ways.

The page required:

  1. A menu for navigation that was also linked to the learning journal home page.
  2. To include original text and image content within the page.
  3. To include a number of different HTML elements within the page.
  4. To test and validate the HTML code using the W3C markup validation service.