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Flash: U2 - Web App

This was a University assignment completed in my first year. The brief was to create a simple interactive multimedia application. The application comprises an introductory mash of video clips including some basic effects, a home page, three further screens containing text, a photo gallery and a selection of videos. This was created using Flash CS5.5 with some basic ActionScript to navigate and control the timeline.

Development Requirements:

To create a multimedia application that conveys enthusiasm for an item such as a building, place, event, film or piece of music that you particularly admire.

  1. To implement a simple stand alone multimedia application that integrates sound, static images, text, animation, and interactive elements.
  2. Implement basic scripting techniques to supporting interactivity and animation.

The application was to demonstrate the following:

  1. Self authored text
  2. Self-created vector graphics
  3. Bitmaps
  4. Sound
  5. Navigation
  6. Tweened animations
  7. Imported video