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PHP & JavaScript: Debugme - Web Design Agency

Originally built for a University assignment as a portfolio project and later adapted into an agency style site. The purpose of this assignment was to investigate, evaluate and create/enhance a personal online digital ‘portfolio’. The portfolio was also to act as a hub for other digital channels, i.e. contain links for other websites such as social media profiles. I initially decided to develop a brand name for my portfolio site in order for it to grow. However I subsequently decided to also implement a separate site in my own name, whilst still keeping the brand name of Debugme to work on as a sideline project for a potential future agency.

Development Requirements:

  1. Overhaul or recreate your current online portfolio website eg. new look, new content
  2. Create a project to highlight your skills in an area in which you are hoping to gain employment
  3. Create an improved overall web presence; identify and set up 4-5 different online resources. These could be online portfolio websites or websites to enhance your social media reach.

The site uses a basic PHP layout for code efficiency and for sending the form on the home page. The form also uses JavaScript to control the interaction by dynamically calculating and updating the totals displayed in the Total and Monthly boxes.

Curriculum Vitae:

Another part of this assignment was to create and integrate an interactive CV containing information about myself with examples of my work. You can find this on the Qualifications Page