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Debookme screenshot

PHP & AJAX: Debookme - Interactive Book Club

Debookme was a University assignment completed in my second year. The brief was to develop a fully automated, personalised and interactive book club using Ajax, PHP and MySQL.

Development Requirements:

  1. A user login page.
  2. 2-3 pages, to display the books.
  3. Interactive method to enable users to share book reviews.
  4. To be able to submit reviews for the books on display.
  5. To be able to read reviews left by other users for the books on display.

The following needed to be implemented using PHP:

  1. A method of maintaining state as the user browses the different pages.
  2. Interfacing with MySQL database to retrieve and submit book reviews.
  3. Interfacing with the MySQL database to enable the user login functionality.

The use of Ajax to create an interactive user interface was an essential requirement of this assignment.