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dbmail screenshot

AJAX: dbmail - Email Client

dbmail was a University assignment completed in my second year. The brief was to develop a fully automated, interactive, web based email client using Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). The overall objective for the e-mail client was for multiple users to be able to send, receive and read e-mail.

The system consists of an underlying MySQL database which contains two tables; the users table (which contains the name, surname, user ID and password of
registered users) and the mail table (which contains the user ID, the mail ID, sender, subject, message body, date, and the mail status (read or unread)).

Development Requirements:

New user Registration – A simple new user registration form where the user enters a user ID, name, surname and a password. As way of client side validation, the password is entered twice. A JavaScript function, which resides on the client side should check whether the user entered the same password correctly twice, before the user registration is sent to the server.

User log in - A simple login which allows already registered users to access their e-mail client. The user login allows users to enter their user ID and password in order to access their e-mail client. Once a correct user ID and password is entered, the user will have access to their inbox and will be able to send, receive and read e-mail.