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WordPress: Bristell - Website

This was a University assignment completed in my second year. The brief was to plan, investigate, design and build a small website for a real-world project and client, using the approach, methods and technologies taught on the module. Test the website with target users and evaluate the achievement.

Development Requirements:

To build the website I was required to carry out the appropriate activities for all stages of a website production life cycle, including:

  1. To investigate and document the requirements of the client and the intended audience for the website.
  2. Use design documentation to communicate and clarify ideas, in order to identify a solution for the client to sign off.
  3. Apply appropriate methods and techniques to develop an accessible, standards-compliant website using current technologies. The technology selected should be appropriate for the needs of the client and audience.
  4. Test the website with users at appropriate stages of development and at the end of the project.
  5. Present the finished website to the client and peers, and write an evaluation of the project.

Final Deliverables:

  1. Website project proposal and plan – 10%
  2. Ready-to-publish or prototype website – 60%
  3. Evaluation report – 15%
  4. Presentation – 15%