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3DS MAX Spaceship screenshot

3DS MAX: Spaceship - Video

This was a University assignment completed in my second year. The brief was to plan and storyboard for an animated sequence and make effective use of 3D modeling software. Use appropriate software to create an animated sequence and explain the technical issues involved in creating, manipulating, storing and displaying (rendering) 3D models and animation.

Development Requirements:

To produce a storyboard.
Within the storyboard illustrate the model(s) and the environment. This will reflect the following:

  1. Look and feel of the model(s) and environment i.e. materials and shaders.
  2. Positional, Rotational, Scale and Material changes over time.
  3. Animation concepts i.e. indicate key frames at which an object is linked from one target to another.

The storyboard should inform the look and feel of the animation as well as the animation approach later in the production pipeline.

Modelling, Animation & Rendering

  1. Modeling: Create the model(s) and environment identified in the storyboard.
  2. Animation: Create animated sequence as specified in the storyboard.
  3. Materials and Shaders: Create / apply materials and shaders identified in the stroyboard.
  4. Render: Employ the render farm. A number of passes should be rendered. Files to be composited in appropriate compositing software e.g. Adobe's Premiere or AfterEffects.
  5. Sound: Add appropriate sound that reflects the interaction between the surfaces of objects and the ambience of the environment.
  6. Report: A report that addresses learning outcome 3, above, with the respect to modeling, texturing / shading, animating and rendering your animation.